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NC Modernist George Matsumoto Prize

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

*VOTING IS NOW OPEN* Go to to vote for Coffey Architecture!

'The George Matsumoto Prize is North Carolina's highest honor exclusively for Modernist residential architecture. The unique design competition features a blue-ribbon jury of internationally-known architects and experts plus online public voting. NCModernist created the Matsumoto Prize in 2012 honor of George Matsumoto, one of the founding faculty members of North Carolina State University's College of Design. Matsumoto created some of North Carolina's most well-known and well-loved Modernist houses. The Matsumoto Prize encourages young architects, designers, and prospective clients to continue the Modernist movement in houses so important to North Carolina's design heritage.'

We are excited to have two projects in the running this year! Check out Blackburn One and Blackburn Two on the Matsumoto competition page and don't forget to vote!

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